• It takes all of us

    Online Giving

Thank you for your generosity!

While people may scramble to get more & more but find themselves actually receiving less & less, the Word of God teaches that a Kingdom-minded person “gives freely, yet gains even more” (Proverbs 11:24). Here at CityReach, we understand that there are ways we will never experience God unless we are generous people.

The need to give is great. There is much to be done. And it takes all of us.

The button below will allow you to invest financially into the ministry of CityReach Johnstown. If you’re part of our church family, we encourage you to tithe (offer 10% of your income back to the Lord). Not only is this an act of obedience and recognition that it all belongs to God anyway, but it is a sign of faith that God will honor His promises! If you are not part of our church, we encourage you to tithe to your local church, but you are welcome to invest financial donations into the ministry of CityReach Johnstown. And we humbly thank you for your kindness and generosity.

To give online, please follow the link here:


If you would like to get in touch with us regarding financial needs, please call us at (814) 283-5473 or contact us here.