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Saturdays, 6pm–7:30
200 Ohio St, Johnstown, PA 15902

Consider this your invitation to join us for the best night of your week! Every service includes a vibrant message of hope from the Bible, inspiring live worship, and CityKidz for your little ones up to age 12.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Here at CityReach, church is a family of rough & tumble handymen,
white-haired grandmas, bearded hipsters, artsy musicians, corporate
CEOs, energetic kids, and everyone in between. It doesn’t matter if
you come from a church background or if you misplaced your Bible 20
years ago — you are welcome here!

Our culture unashamedly revolves around Jesus and His Kingdom, and
that translates into vibrant services with passionate teaching and music.
Because Jesus is our focus, we’ve found that the standard for people in
our church and our sphere of influence is hope, life to the max, and

Below are a few details about our church that will put you at ease and
make your first visit with us smooth.

So with that…
welcome home.

What does a service look like?

Our Saturday night services last about an hour and a half, and
feature a vibrant message of hope from the Bible, inspiring live worship,
and an opportunity for prayer, while your kids have the same experience
formatted just for them in CityKidz, our dynamic & safe ministry for your
little ones up to age 12.

On Sundays, our Solomon Homes family services last about an hour,
and also feature a message of hope from the Bible, inspiring live worship,
an opportunity for prayer, and a fun moment designed just for kids.

What time does service start?

Our Saturday night services begin at 6pm. We suggest arriving a
bit early — 5–10 minutes early will be plenty of time! — to register your
kids and drop them off at CityKidz, and to check out our InfoBar for
resources, including a free gift and free coffee from Flood City Cafe for
first-time guests!

If you are attending our Solomon Homes family service on Sunday nights
at Solomon Homes, service begins at 4pm, and we suggest arriving
about 5 minutes early to mingle and get situated.

Where can I park?

For our Moxham campus, we have parking behind our church, and also
Gittler’s offers their parking lot for us, which is directly across the street.
Of course, we are located in the heart of the Moxham neighborhood, so
many simply walk to church during nice weather.

What about my kids?

CityKidz is available for your kids from birth up to 12 years old, and your kids
will love our fantastic & capable team and an age-appropriate teaching.
Just show up a few minutes early to register and drop off your kids, freeing you
up to enjoy what’s going on in the Main Room. If you happen to have a fussy
infant with you during the service, no worries! See anyone in a red lanyard for
directions to our staffed nursery.

What should I wear,
and should I bring anything with me?

We dress casual, so come as you are and experience what God has for you in a
comfortable and inviting environment. If you’d like, you can bring your Bible
and a notebook for taking notes.

Where should I sit?

You are welcome to sit anywhere you’d like in our Main Room. Any of our friendly
hosts in a red lanyard would be happy to help you find a seat.

  • Who We Are

    Everything we are and do as a church revolves around knowing Jesus, promoting Jesus, and celebrating Jesus, so it’s natural that our mission is ‘knowing Jesus and making Him known.’

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Our Team

Josiah Smith

Josiah Smith

Lead Pastor

Joshua Watts

Joshua Watts

Creative Arts Pastor

Will & Vicky Hugill

Will & Vicky Hugill

Connections Leaders

Nicky Helton

Nicky Helton

CityKidz Director

  • What We Believe

    We believe the Lord Jesus Christ as fully God and fully man is the only One who can reconcile us to God. He lived a sinless and exemplary life, died on the cross in our place, and rose again to life, proving His victory and authority.

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